a tale of two chefs and some chicken


The Nuggets Story

After years of culinary training in France, and opening some of New York City’s most popular restaurants, chefs Eric and Bruce Bromberg came to realize that cooking tasty, kid-pleasing, and healthful meals for Eric’s three children – Leah, Jason, and Brett – was their biggest and most important challenge of all. Frustrated by what was available in most supermarkets, the brothers stripped down their kid’s favorite dish, chicken nuggets, to the bare essentials: all-natural chicken, seasonings, and spices. Gone were the heavy breading and greasy deep frying, leaving just tender, juicy grilled chicken nuggets. To the chefs’ delight, their toughest audience was jumping for joy. From our family to yours, we present to you: Naked Nuggets.

The Sliders Story

Chefs Bruce and Eric were confronted with every home chef’s challenge — how to make a quick meal for themselves and their kids. One day, lightning struck — simple ground chicken sliders. The brothers happened upon a delicious recipe that kids love and adults can’t get enough of. Now available to the home chef, they are super easy to prepare: just pop them in the microwave, heat them in a skillet or toss them on the grill!