Where to Find Naked Nuggets and Simple Sliders

Naked Nuggets™ Grilled Chicken Nuggets and Simple Sliders™ are available at several fine retailers, such as Stew Leonard’s, Shop Rite, Kroger, Food Lion, Shaw’s, Mother’s Markets and many more. If you do not see Naked Nuggets Grilled Chicken Nuggets at your favorite retailer, make sure you ask the manager to bring them in for you! Being a small company, consumer demand is our greatest resource!

Naked Nuggets™

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Simple Sliders™

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You can also visit us on our Facebook page for more information.

No Nuggets in your favorite store? Don’t fret! Simply download this simple request letter form and bring it to your local retailer and help us help you Shed the Bread!

And you can always order Naked Nuggets online at the Gluten-Free Mall or at Strictly Gluten Free

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Naked Nuggets are great for growing kids